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Get creative and design your own neon sign. Choose anything and create your very own customised LED neon signage, with the option of various fonts, graphics and colours to reflect your requirements and personality.

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The Team

At Zunn LED Neon Concept, our team is made up of experts with the experience and proficiency to provide the right neon advertising solution for your business and personal space. Our team is focused exclusively on bringing more shine to your home decor, light up your office design in bolder, brighter colours or bring a spark to your party space. You can be assured that we have the expertise, tools and top quality materials to help you achieve your required look.

Our Products

Beyond neon lights’ functional brightness, Zunn LED Neon Concept also believes in creating further value in comfort and calmness, as well as security and safety through our brand of neon lighting solutions. Whether you’re looking for a simple signage, or even a dazzling neon sign board to accentuate your brand, we can help to create an eye-catching and flawless design based on your needs.

Our Best Seller Products

Neon LED Wall Decoration

Bring your walls to life with neon LED wall decorations that pop. Whether it’s a bespoke neon design, giant light up letters or even a personalised wow factor design, brighten up your mood and your interior with our signature neon LED wall decorations.

Neon LED Signage

Nothing is more enticing and beautiful than neon signage. From the buzzing of the electricity, the brightness of the light, intricate shapes and the craftsmanship, neon signages bring a new level of inspiration and stir the emotions within everyone who sees it.

Custom Neon Signs and LED Decoration

Bring your creative vision to life with our exclusive customised neon signs and LED decorations to leave your space with a personalised touch that is fitting for your requirements.

③D Box Up Signage and Billboards

Catch all the attention with an eye-popping 3D box up signage and billboard that will give your brand a distinctive look. These amazing billboards can often produce incredible imagery that lets your brand stand out from the crowd.